My Mental Health Story: Living alone is hard

I live alone. (Well I have three other roommates, whom I share a bathroom, kitchen and living room area with me.) I pay my own rent, pay for my own food (even if it’s coco pops, fish fingers, pizza and tacos), I am not dependent on a man or looking for one to save me. I have role models like Carrie Bradshaw, Bridget Jones or Jane from 27 Dresses (I’m currently watching it).

Even though these women are fictional, would it surprise you that I am not the only one? Nope. Me neither. I am actually part of a large percentage of woman who does this. Moving out from a family home was not the easiest decision I made to be truthful, it’s being a rocky road. One I am overcoming and learning about every day. As I am not the only one who suffers with mental health and moving out and moving on. I thought I would share some tips.

The biggest thing I have found most difficult is making sure you leave the house. Don’t get in a pattern to go to work, come home and stay in all night. Make plans to go out, whether it’s to see friends, join physical groups or go volunteer. Don’t be a hermit, venture out into this big world…

Open up. Not just talking I mean, but open curtains or in my case black out blinds. Perfect to sleep with, not so much during the day and can stop sunlight coming in, even if it’s raining. Opening your door  to let others come in and talk. Don’t hide away, keep going as social interaction is key.

Remember why you moved out. For me it was about independence and having my own food and choice. I have to remind myself about this frequently. Think about days gone by, how much you dreams of the days you would be moved out.

Keep thinking what it be like if you lived with someone. Sharing space, sharing food, sharing the remote, not having just ice cream for dinner.

Take advantage of your good days. I’ve had some tough days, I had to remember to take advantage of my good days. Like hanging pictures on the wall, cooking a full meal, putting a wash on or sorting out your wardrobe. You’ll benefit from this when having a bad day. Another I struggle is buying food, or prepping food so when you do feel down you can pick yourself up easily.

Keep a schedule. This helps me, but you need to keep on top off, when in work, bills going out, money coming in, blog posts (if like me) and fun things to plan. For me it was hard to do at first, but now I know, I feel calmer and more in control.

Limit your time on social network. I try to limit time on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If you feel the urge to be on it during a TV show, I would advise not to and do something else like filling in a coloring book.

Be Prepared. Like all good leaders, be prepared for the down days, the happy days, the days all you want is a cuddle, the time you’ll spend on your own. Try and arrange time out, but it’s not always going to be available so be prepared to spend time on your own.

Moving out and moving on has been tough, but remembering when I wrote Something you’re looking forward to blog. Keep positive and keep going.




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