Photo journey: Mary Poppins

Disney’s Mary Poppins is a favorite of mine and holds a special place in my heart. I remember watching it as a child and loving the books.

It wasn’t until I got to Disney and I opened the books and read them back to back just like Walt Disney where I fell more in love. It’s where my true love for this British nanny began. I thought I would share some favourite photos….

Working as a Cast Member. In EPCOT, in the UK pavilion there’s the Toy Shop. A favorite of mine. I loved the toys, Peter Pans pirate ship, Mr Men & Little Miss books, plushies and the books written by P L Travers, the Mary Poppins Collection. At the back was the meet & greet of Winnie the Pooh and Mary Poppins. Every morning I opened I always played the music from the movie. Sit by the sign, until guests walked in. Its where you could interact with the lady herself.

When your done, you could go ride the Great Movie Ride (now closed) see her and the original costume in One Man’s Journey. If your lucky to get on time watch it on the beach front, in the wilderness lodge or in the poshest hotel there. Of course meet her, as that never got old or in a parade, nighttime Fantasmic.

1900 Park Fare. I have three amazing friends, Beth, Mark and Danni who took me for the first time to the character breakfast where you could meet her. I had the best morning ever. The last thing I did on my last day was say goodbye to her, Goofy and Mickey before heading home.

Mary Poppins Musical. In 2009 I went to New York City and saw Mary Poppins on stage. From start to finish I loved the production, from when they sang Step in Time upside down, spelled out Supercalifraglisticexpialidocious, my favorite song I love Anything can happen if you let it. The final scene of her leaving got me very tearful and goosebumpy.

California. When you visit Disneyland, California there is a horse on the carousel which is dedicated to Mary Poppins. Of course I had to go ride it. It has her logo, umbrella and MP on it. I believe it’s the horse P.L. Travers rode when visiting Disneyland with Walt Disney himself. 

When you go down the real Hollywood walk of Fame and Chinese Theatre well you get to see Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke signature and Julie Andrews star. You just have to, right?

Bonjour Mary Poppins. I visited Disneyland, Paris with a bestie Simon, we got to see her show she does with Bert and the penguins. Its amazing. I don’t know if they do it now, but its worth it, if they do.

 Like in the original advert for the movie, your whole family will love her. I always will. Mary Poppins makes the world right again when you watch it. It doesn’t matter where I am or how old I will be it will transport me back to being a child. I just love her….

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