Nigella’s Chicken Traybake

Have you been watching Nigella Lawson new TV series on BBC 1 called At The Table? I have and I’ve been loving it. 


I’ve been wanting to try a few of her new recipes. I thought I would start with her quick and easy chicken tray bake.

Now I know a lot of people have issues with recipes as it means having a very vast cupboard. Like you I don’t have a chilli cupboard. However you can change some ingredients. For example this one needed vermouth, I don’t have any in so substituted it for a dry white wine.

Some other changes can be going for cheaper cuts of meats, dried instead of fresh, smaller bottle then a bigger version and of course add in.


I know I changed the vermouth to a dry white wine, added dried dill and added in some courgette.

To be fair this dish was simple and easy make. Like Nigella, you can do it in your pyjamas listening to your jiggy music. It tasted fab for a quick throw in a pan cook for an hour recipe. To make it quicker like me you can crisp off the chicken skin before putting it in the oven to save time.

The dish was delicious and a quick Sunday lunch idea. Easy, cheap ingredients you can throw together. Perfect for a leftover lunch for work.



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