Beating the Winter Blues

As the darker autumn and winter days approach, it’s natural to feel a bit glum at the thought of a lack of brightness, cold grey weather and dark mornings and evenings. I don’t care if you’re the brightest bubbliest person these dark mornings can get to you. Everyone has a little S.A.D in all of us. S.A.D means Seasonal Affective Disorder because it takes a lot out of us all to get through the autumn and winter days. The only way I can describe is

It’s like your mood turns grey when the sky turns dark…

At the start of the year I wrote a post about Books I want to read in 2017 and one of the books was Hygee by Meik Wiking. What this book teaches you about is recognising well-being through simple areas of pleasant surroundings, tasty food, good company and being safe. Since reading the book and reading blogs I have realised there is little things you can do to help you get through. So here are my top tips:

Lighting is key….

Whether it’s getting up in the morning or just before you go to sleep it’s key. To help me, and which has been for nearly two years is my Lumie Bodyclock. I set this to come on 45 minutes before I’m due to wake up during the winter which is longer than the 20 minutes in the summer. I set it for 30 minutes before I got to sleep all year. If you have trouble waking up I would fully recommend this item, it has really helped me.

Candles is another, some people love candles. I do like the smell of them and pick them up. I only get them on my birthday or at Christmas time. I was given a Chelsea Candle, Gooseberry and Elderflower at a blog event I went to and I love the smell of it. It’s so fresh.

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Get close with nature…

I am really lucky living in Windsor as I have Windsor Long Walk close by which has the deer park and you can walk down by the River Thames. It’s perfect to get close to nature, as you can see the Deer and breathe in the river. Whether it’s on your lunch break, or on the weekend make sure you get out and go for a walk.

Snuggle up when out….

The best way to snuggle up is through a hat, scarf and boots, going from summer to autumn can be hard, for me I like nothing more than snuggling up in a warm jumper.

Snuggle up inside…

I love nothing more than cuddling up with a blanket, a thick hoodie and warm socks reading a book and drinking a cup of tea. The textures of these things will help and it’s the hygge way to appreciate the little things like this.


Indulge yourself…

I love food, I love to indulge n something new or treat myself to a new favorite food. I love it all. I have been told if you chose chocolate, to go for a 70% minimum cocoa. This is due to its source of tryptophan, an amino acid that’s essential for serotonin, the neurotransmitter of happiness and positive vibes. If you can chose slow releasing food as this will keep you upbeat and happy for longer.

Socialise as much as possible…

Surround yourself by people who you like, care about an want to be with. This could be after work drinks, meeting up on a weekend, going out for lunch or something else. Being around people will always come out of top and will help your mood.

Keep mindfulness…

Turn off mobile phones, laptops and electronic devices. Go for coloring books, read a book, magazines, do yoga, bake or play a board game. Appreciate the little things.

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