Three different ways to make mac n cheese

I love mac n cheese. I think it comes from my days of living in America. As Kraft mac n cheese was cheap and easy to cook. Since you can now find it in the UK and it doesn’t cost a fortune. A box costs £3 but you can get 3 packs for £1 from Poundland. There perfect as you just add hot water and leave for 3mins and it becomes this creamy instant pasta dish.


When I lived with my Dad he introduced me to the Barefoot Countess a aka Ina Garten. Her grownup mac n cheese is rich and delicious using four different cheeses, a breadcrumb crusty top and bacon. However if your calorie counting, it’s not for you as she uses the richest of cheeses.

Living by Windsor Farm Shop there cheese selection is amazing and has a wide variety. So I was able to get what I needed with no excessive left overs. For me when my dad cooked it I always wanted more blue cheese in it as I love stinky cheese. That’s how I cooked it. If you want something a little bit more sophisticated check out her recipe here – – >


Searching on Pinterest I found a recipe for butternut squash mac n cheese. For ages I have been wanting to try this recipe. So when M&S reduce a bag of butternut squash down to 20p it had to be made.

I puree down the butternut squash, by sauté onions and garlic off add the squash and then vegetable stock and cook sauce down. Once cooked puree down and combine to a normal white sauce with cheese. Mix in with cooked macaroni and peas. Some recipes say add in paprika, but I chose Spanish chorizo and cooked peas and mushrooms. I grilled mine with breadcrumbs to give it that extra crunch. It tasted define, however I think some more butternut squash is needed and perfect lunch filler. 


Have you eaten in Pret? Have you had there cauliflower mac n cheese? Yes but think it’s ridiculous overpriced (but you do buy it as a midweek spy day week treat?). Well thanks to Jamie Oliver you can make your own version. It tastes better, cheaper and more portions and of course tailored to your own taste like add in blue stilton and kale. The way too cook is simple, follow same ways as cauliflower cheese and cook macaroni and combine. Cook in the oven with crumbs.


I think my overall taste for macaroni cheese has changed from the pour in some hot water to adding fancy ingredients and add breadcrumbs on the top.

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