Christmas Markets in Birmingham

Last weekend I went to Birmingham overnight to go to the Christmas Markets there. This was my third time of going to a city to visit a Christmas Maket. My first one was in Manchester (below)  and my second was in York. I think their fab as they combine, Santa’s, food and drink.


The market spread across the main high street upwards. With stalls been spread out. They were in old fashion wooden huts. At the very top of the high street there was a performance area and beer drinking stalls. I liked this area as it had an atmosphere with live entertainment, food stalls and and areas to stand around and eat off. Unlike the high street which only had a few select areas.


The stalls have a wide range of merchandise, some very repetitive of bits you can buy. They all charged the same which was a nice surprise. They sold everything from Santa and Nutcracker decorations, wooden houses, candles, old fashion toys and scarfs and hats. I personally liked the wooden tree decorations and anything with a Santa on it. I thought the prices were reasonable to what you would get in a store or garden centre.


For food we chose to have the traditional Bratwurst buns.  They either came with onions or no, but why would you not have onions? They also came smoked and not smoked. I went for smoked and onions and a little mustard. They were fab, I totally forgot how great they are. I think I need to buy some from Aldi soon.


As it was cold I decided to go for hot chocolates as a nice warm treat. The chocolate was tasty. Although this was not the reason as I wanted a picture with the santa mug. You can pay an extra £3 for the mug but it’s too small personally. I’m not really a mug collector.IMG_20171126_105656IMG_20171126_105622

I loved my time in Birmingham at the Christmas Market. I think their worth a visit, I know there’s lots of them around the country and they offer similar things but I think the city makes it.


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