13 reasons why you should volunteer

Early next year it will be my lucky 13th year being an official warranted  guider. However my journey to getting my warrant was two years prior with training… 5 years before that being a pack or young leader.

Being a Brownie leader opens up lots of new things to try and new ideas. Last week my girls learnt about Parliament and had to come up with brownie rules. One brownie wished for leaders to have as much fun as the brownies. When I asked why she said that she said because you come, you should have fun too. She also wanted sweets every week, movie night each term and someone to pay for her to go away on an upcoming trip.

It got me thinking about being a leader myself and what I get out of it. It’s not about the planning or the long hours doing the paperwork, chasing parents, training or sitting in meetings. It’s about giving the girls something extra. I believe guiding should teach girls additional skills you need to know about. Because believe me, they come in handy when your 31.

Here are my 13 reasons why I think you should volunteer:

  1. Throws you out your comfort zone
  2. You make new friends and build relationships
  3. You can fall back on it when moving as there’s always guiders needed
  4. Keeps you in the know of all the new trends like Jo Jo Bows and musically app
  5. There’s always something new to learn
  6. It can help you with your career – not just looking good on a CV but answering those horrible job interview questions
  7. You can find hidden talents you might not know about. I organised a brownie adventure day and loved the planning side especially gantt charts and risk assessment sheets
  8. You get to go to places not open to the public like sleeping in an aquarium
  9. Perfect opportunity to do those things as an adult kids can only do without giving birth
  10. Each academic year can be different if you make it so it never gets boring for you or the brownies
  11. The girls will always come up with new wild ideas to keep you on your toes.
  12. You get to watch a child grow from turning 7 to becoming a guide which I like the most
  13. It’s not about the presents or thank you each week but knowing one day you might help that child out by the skills you have taught them

Being a guider is in my blood. I want to pass on what my Brown Owl taught me but using it in the 21st century. Like being able to interact with other girls older and younger than them, first aid, team building, exploring new ideas and places, being true to themselves and what they believe in, showing them there’s another world out there and be able appreciative to the one they have.

Fancy doing the same? Volunteer by clicking on http://www.girlgudiding.org you won’t regret it.

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