Meeting Moz the Monster

The John Lewis Christmas advert was released on the 14th November. Every year it’s based on a story, past adverts had been Man on the Moon, the bear, penguin and Buster the boxer who likes jumping on trampolines.

(John Lewis / Lego builds representing each advert they’ve done.) 

This years advert features a little boy who can’t sleep due to there’s a monster under his bed. He stays awake playing games each night until the monster realises he needs sleep and to help him he buys a nightlight as a Christmas gift. If you’ve not seen it, click here to watch.

I love the storyline and Elbows version of the classic Beatles song Golden Slumbers (listen here).  This year I have fallen for the main character, Moz. When I saw via an Instagram post by my friend Luke from Official Luke showing you could meet him in his house, I just had to do it.

So, here I am a Monday Morning off work heading to the flagship store of John Lewis on Oxford Street. On arrival you see their  Christmas window display is themed around Moz the Monster House, scenes from the living room and being in the bath.


I walked in and headed to the 4th Floor. As you keep going up the escalators you finally get to the floor and you see his house. There was no que and the lady assisting greeted me and invited me in.


As you walk in you hear the music from Elbow and it goes darker.  In the first room it’s the sitting room where you can stand on the fire place and make Moz come alive. You then turn and find a coloring in table. I was tempted to do this, leave it as Charlotte age 31, thought best not.


The next room you see is his bedroom where he’s hiding under the bed. If you tickle his feet he kicks them up and down. Yes I did do this one. There’s a TV in the room, to watch the advert.


The last one you go into is where you get to meet him.


I know I’m 31 and the prospect of meeting a monster named Moz should be for kids, but hello, how can you not want to meet him, have a photo and a hug. He was really cuddly and if he could get on the tube home I would have taken him.


I think this year John Lewis nailed it with the advert. It’s the best yet, so interactive as other stores have a Make a Moz the Monster area. I think the merchandise is good. Slightly disappointing there’s no Moz jumper for adults and only pj’s for kids. The mug is fab., the bad and the cuddly Moz you can take home.


I’ll let you decide if I took one home or not??


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