An Album you turn to: Rainbow by Kesha

I read a blog post from someone also suffering with a mental health condition. They spoke about an album when low or high and happy or sad. I have lots of albums I love but this album has got me through some tough days.

The album I keep turning to lately is Kesha Rainbow album. The album explores themes of letting go of the past, finding forgiveness within oneself for past mistakes, self-worth and, in some cases, female empowerment. Hearing Kesha sing this song Rainbow I was hooked. I played it over and over again during work. I downloaded her album on my phone and I love it. There’s many albums I can play on repeat like The Feeling, Twelve Stops From Home,

I do love the song the album is named after Rainbow but I am loving is Old Flames which she collaborated with Dolly Parton. Let ’em talk with Iggy Pop and don’t let the bastards get you down are serious pick me up songs. They have some of the best lyrics.

I think why I love this album the most especially at the moment is the lyrics because you know how much of a struggle she has been through. Not many people I get musically.

Yeah, maybe my head’s fucked up, But I’m falling right back in love with being alive, Dreaming in light, light, lights, This kitty cat lost her mind, Been lookin’ for a star-sent sign that I’ll be alright, Look to the skies


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