How blogging has helped me

I have reached a stage in blogging where I am doing something blog related every day of the week. I have become hooked with the ‘blogosphere’ and it makes me happy. I enjoy producing and publishing content that I am proud to share. I have been blogging for two years, read about my story here.

Not only has it got me writing and expressing my feelings from time to time which has helped my mental health. It has given me a chance to build on my soft skills i.e. those skills that job interviewers are always looking for.

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Networking. As a blogger, I’ve been attending more events, I’ve been putting my blog out there by talking to others. I’m one who normally shy’s away from this. Blogging and attending these events have helped me a lot.

Creativity. Not only does life role by, but it makes me creative on how I want to publish it in on my blog. I’ve always been a creative person, but this gives me another outlet.

Knowledge. Since blogging not only have I been reading about new topics, discovering new people like vloggers and have become more aware of what’s going on in the world.

Time-management. To be a blogger you have to manage your time to write the articles, publish blogs and schedule tweets to help your blog.

Application-knowledge. These past two years I have become more confident in using applications like WordPress, Hootsuite, Twitter and Google analytic to name a few. It does mean you are constantly looking at new applications and systems.

Motivation. My motivation comes from the love of writing and sharing, or perhaps from my hopes of making a living through your blogging.

I’m so proud I started my blog. I’m grateful for what skills it has given me and ones which has given me a chance to develop too.

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