I try and do something that I wouldn’t normally do at home. I take the opportunity to be Wi-Fi free. So it could be a newspaper (Sunday ones are the best), a book borrowed from the library, coloring books or puzzles and my favorite dot-to-dot.I limit myself to a budget, being in Windsor this can be expensive doing it each week. I think for me its worth it and important reason for me is this, it’s improving my mental health.Getting out the house when these not so happy moments happen makes me feel better some of the time. Not all of the time. It makes me get dressed, fresh air and reconnect with people.
IMG_20171210_211643_987At first I’ll be very honest, I was very worried waking into a place on my own, everyone would notice. They honestly don’t, you might think that being in a popular tourist town would be an issue but it’s okay. Taking myself out of my house, what is essentially a date for one, is one of the best things I have done for myself lately. I have time to think, got me out the house.
It’s given me time to think, it’s given me a nice distraction from other negative thoughts and it’s given me a reason to be excited to wake up and go out on a Saturday (That sounds sad I know, but it’s true).