Reasons why it sucks to be single at Christmas time

Every year when the holidays roll around, I brace for the inevitable wave of emotions the season brings — emotions that I know are supposed to resemble peace and joy, but instead feel suspiciously like irritation and resentment.

I have nothing against Christmas itself. I love the build up, the carol singing, the movie marathons the food but there’s some bits I wish I had an other half to share it with. Someone to go see a panto, go do Christmas activities with markets and festivals and Christmas shopping.

There is a brightside to being single at Christmas. Don’t have to visit in laws you don’t like or get awkward gifts from them. Seriously, bath products are a waste of money on me. No awkward Christmas gatherings where the only person you know is the person you go with. It’s cheaper, you don’t have to share food or drink (howay!), no family politics on where you spend Christmas or fighting over what to watch on the television.

Being single the bonus bits is (I apologise for this) not having to shave your legs. However, I do think buying festive lingerie should happen if your single or not. You do also get to spend Christmas how you want it.

Like every good Christmas, there is pros and cons to it. If your finding it tough this Christmas just remember that it be over and done with in a flash

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