Who’s got the best Turkey Christmas Sandwich 2017

It’s that time of year when turkey, stuffing, cheese and mince pies become day to day food items we eat. I know it’s Christmas and we shouldn’t indulge but who seriously can say no? As you can’t beat a turkey sandwich I thought I would buy, eat and review them on who does the best turkey sandwich?

Marks and Spencer. Their turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwich, is actually called turkey feast as it comes with bacon and stuffing.  I’m not a fan of white bread so having malt brown bread is great. The ratio of turkey to cranberry is right with the moisture. To their range this year there is a turkey and pigs in blanket in a sage and onion flavor style bread. I like this sandwich as it has added piggy protein. 



Marks and Spencer is donating money for shelter when you buy any shelter logo items. When you buy two items you get free mince pies. 

Waitrose. When travelling back from Birmingham (Read here about their Christmas Markets)  I manged to pick up a turkey, bacon and stuffing sandwich. It had more flavour than the Marks and Spencer. I think it’s because of the mayonnaise and spinach which makes it. 


Tesco. Tesco take on the classic for the turkey sandwich doesn’t look as appetising as the others. However it has turkeys, bacon, stuffing and cranberry sauce. When opened I thought the sandwich had flavor but lacked moisture from the cranberry sauce.


Boots. The boots meal deal is the cheapest one in Windsor, the healthiest when chosen well. Their turkey sandwich includes stuffing and redcurrant and spinach and mayonnaise. It’s also the lightest in calories and has the most turkey.


Pret. Pret was the most expensive out of the five I tried but was similar in content and taste to the others I tried. I didn’t think the stuffing was tastier and around the office it’s been said it’s very disappointing.


After tasting turkey sandwiches with bacon stuffing, cranberry sauce, spinach and moisture on bread. I think for me I like the Boots one best but I liked the Marks and Spencer Pigs n Blanket one for the sage and onion bread as it gave me more flavor.

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