Five male characters

I am currently going through that phase when men are stupid and all you want to do is throw rocks at them. Okay I may have stole that. It’s true. So instead of blogging about why I hate men currently. By the way nephews, dads, stepdads, brother in laws are not included, just wanted to get that in there. I thought I would share my five top TV show or movie I watch to make me feel like not all men are idiots.

One. Fifty Shades of Grey – Christian Grey. So who doesn’t love Christian Grey?  He is like one of the best fictional male characters out there. When reading the book, like most woman you get this fantasy of what he’d be like. When Jamie Dorman came out to be the one who’d be playing him well, he met all my requirements. He’s business smart. He flies his own helicopter, has fast cars and like’s the finer side of life.

Image result for fifty shades of grey christian grey

Two. Bridget Jones trilogy – Mark Darcy, Jack Qwant & Daniel Cleaver. I couldn’t honestly decide between, Mark Darcy, Jack Qwant or Daniel Cleaver. When I was younger I had a crush on Hugh Grant, mainly for his role in Notting Hill, but the scene where they open the lift, is one of my favorites. Then Bridget Jones 2 came out and Mark Darcy saved her from a Thai prison, that got to me. Jack Qwant is just amazingly handsome and the baby scene with flowers, Ikea furniture, is one of my favorite.

Three. Downton Abbey – Matthew. As you know, I love Downton Abbey. Matthew Crawley is my favorite, not only does he love his family but he is soft and gentle. I hated they killed his character off, as a whole series show it makes sense.

Image result for matthew crawley proposal

Four. Gavin and Stacey – Smithy. I love James Corden. I love him because I fell for Smithy. I think for me, his character is the most real one in this pile. Who couldn’t not love Smithy?

Five. Gilmore Girls – Luke Danes. I love Gilmore Girls. The guy who captures my heart and I always watch it for is Luke. The scene they have their first date is magical, makes you think if any guy out there would be the same. I know there are plenty of other guys, like Logan and Jess. Luke for me is perfect.

Image result for luke gilmore girls quotes date

If all else fails, there is always The Full Monty and Magic Mike (both parts) is a sure pick me up. Not forgetting the Beast from Beauty and the Beast both animation and live action…. Every girl loves a prince, mine is the beast.

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