Christmas Ornaments

I love a tree which has memories to it. It isn’t for show. It hasn’t a colour theme going through it or generic one you see everywhere. My mums tree is the escence of this, it has santa, ornaments from places we went to and different ones we have picked up on the way. One thing it does have is a lot of Santa’s too. That’s our thing we have a lot of Santa’s. Thought I would share some of my favourites.


So Christmas doesn’t start for me until I see the Coca Cola Christmas truck advert. When working in Disney, in EPCOT you have a sponsored Coca Cola area. In there they sold the below decorations. When my mum came out to visit me. We got these decorations, I say we, my discount and her money. I love them both so much.


When mum was out there she picked up this Santa and Mickey too. I love this decoration and have told mum I will inherit this.


My sister a few years ago was at a Guide shop night. She bought these signs for me and my mum. I love mine and it’s very true. Each year my mum always makes sure they are hang out.


Even though I do love the sign in shot. The actual thing I love more is the santa behind which is the one my mum was given as a little girl.


The three below are new ornaments however a friend of twenty years made them for me. I love them so much. Each one has my initial sewn into them, I love the fact they were handcrafted with me in mind.


Christmas is a time for memories, I love the tree which my mum displays. There’s loads more on it, I could write about, like Fat Santa and Goofy, but maybe for another blog….


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