The little things I am excited about not being in work…

As you read this my out of office will be switched on. I won’t have to be back in the office for 13 whole days. I will be back up north, where people thinks it’s norm to say canny and bairn and don’t think twice about having cheese on chips. Eating my way through cheese and dips. Watching festive films. The most important decision is whether it be a bottle or a glass.

Don’t get me wrong I do like my job. However the past six months have been super hard. I am ready for break. These little things I am most excited for.

To not have to think about dialect I speak. I miss being able to say, well I tell you this for nothing, ere have ya heard, or how’s the bairns? Not have to rethink on how to say things.

I’m ready to not have to set my alarm. I just want to sleep and not be on a schedule anymore.

Not having to put on a fake smile all the time. I’m done with this one, all the little conversations we have to have just to get a cup of tea. Fake smile to people you honestly really don’t care about.

Not having to make your lunch the day before.  Okay I do have to admit when I do it when I make my tea. I do enjoy pinning ideas on Pinterest. There only so much you can do.

9 to 5. I want this to be a song Dolly Parton sings and not my life Monday to Friday.

I can guarantee that by the time Christmas has been. I’ve eaten my way through chocolate. Seen friends and family I’ve not seen for ages. I’ll be wanting to get back to work, making small talk, packing lunches, thinking about phrases and setting my alarm – maybe not that last one.

The little things I hope this break gives me is time to rest and recuperate to give me strength to cop, time to rethink and to be in that 10% of people who love their job and want to get into the office.

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