Christmas Adverts 2017

Christmas adverts are one of the things I look forward to every Christmas season. I thought this year I would give my opinion of my favourites.

Moz the Monster by John Lewis has been a key part of my Christmas this year. This years advert features a little boy who can’t sleep due to there’s a monster under his bed. He stays awake playing games each night until the monster realises he needs sleep and to help him he buys a nightlight as a Christmas gift. I went to visit Moz in John Lewis flagship store in London (read here). My nephews love him too so much I got them a Moz to have of their own. I think it’s a shame his Twitter and Instagram has been closed down due to they thought it was plagiarism.

Every year at Christmas time, movies always get played on the screen throughout the time. From recent ones released out this year or last, classic Christmas ones or other classic ones. Sky Cinema advert this year have captured this. It shows a mother and daughter sitting around watching The Sound of Music. As the advert carries on, you see the mother and daughter growing up, but still coming back and watching the movie each year. The final scene see’s the granddaughter watching the movie. This movie got to me each time as my Granddad hated the movie and it reminds me of him. How I always go back home for Christmas and watch the same movies.

Sainsburys has got it right by having a catchy Christmas song, having people sing and a Muppet too. It’s not the best advert Sainsbury’s as I thought 2016, The Greatest Gift was my favorite. However I like the fact they have captured all of the best bits about Christmas even Sprouts.

I think Marks and Spencer are clever joining up with Paddington with the release of Paddington 2 being recently released out. I like the concept of Paddington helping Santa, but I don’t think it’s the best one. It’s memorable but not memorable.

Christmas is all about being in love, finding a Christmas romance lots of adverts have captured this in their adverts this year. This year there has been three, I have loved, Vodafone of two people meeting on a platform then the guy following her to the beach to carry on. Debenhams is a 2017 twist on Cinderella and Heathrow is a a classic love stories, featuring a family of bears.

My favourite one of all, each year and never gets old is Holidays are Coming by Coca Cola. It starts the Christmas, like in the advert everyone runs to see the truck lit up.

Another year of Christmas adverts done. Always a key fact to Christmas each year as it marks the beginning and the run up until Christmas. This year there has been some festive favorites and Moz the Monster will stick with me, just like Wooly and Worth.


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