A Christmas Carol at Windsor Castle

This year Windsor Castle opened up as a venue to host Dicken’s famous A Christmas Carol to be held. As a pack my Brownies were told, and one wintery Monday evening we headed up to the castle. Only being my third visit, I still find it exciting walking in through the visitors entrance.


We headed up to the state apartments and entered the Waterloo room on where the play will be held. The stage was in the centre of the room with chairs along each of the edges, leaving little gaps between each one. Odd chairs placed. All to be revealed as the play went on. The Waterloo room has an arrange of portraits of famous Kings and Queens.

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As me and the girls took their seats, to filled audience of brownies, guides, scouts and a school the play began.

Now I could say about the play and what it’s about, but I’m guessing you know the story of A Christmas Carol. If not Scrooge is greeted by three ghosts, Christmas past, present and future who help him discover the real Christmas meaning.

Image result for a christmas carol in windsor

Image result for a christmas carol in windsor

The play had 9 actors, and they used the stage as a blank canvas turning into different scenes. The person who plays Scrooge’s dead business partner Marley gave me such a fright when he entered. As the actors could behind your or sat next to you at any point.

At the end, we then move into George’s Hall for the ending, and to sing a long with them on traditional Christmas Carols. There was some dark bits, but the girls knew the story and they loved it. They liked the interaction they had with the audience.


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