17 things which happened to me in 2017

It’s that time of year where we all take a look back at the year we’ve had. Remise about the good and the bad and what has happened over the past 365 days. I thought 2016 was a tough year but it made me stronger to deal with 2017 the toughest year yet. However this year has had a lot of ups and downs. I thought I would share 17 things…

One. Celebrating Eoin’s first birthday. Love this little one and his big brother to death. His first birthday party was a lot of fun. It’s scary to think this little guy is nearly two and his big brother is three!

Two. Naomi leaving. Naomi is one of the best. Her leaving, moving on and being successful and loving her life and what she does is inspiring. It was a tough time when she left not seeing her regularly. I’m lucky that I have a friend like her in my life.

Three. Going to Nirvana Spa. A perfect day spent with my beautiful sister Sarah relaxing. Sarah if you’re reading this, shall we go to another one soon?

Four. Drinking around Guisborough. Guisborough is my home town and where I went to secondary school. Where I made a lot of friends and some I am close to and meet up when home. I met up with them and had a blast, thanks guys!

Five. Trip to Hexham. Me and Mum spent the night away in Hexham. It was nice to get away and spend time together.

Six. Seeing Danny Baker Live. My Dad has been a fan of his for years. Seeing him live was funny and one which I would go back and see again. Even got me listening to his podcast each week now.

Seven. Spending time with Pesto. So Josh and Eoin leave to go home and I stay to look after Pesto the cat. Since the passing of Neko, me and Pesto have never got to know each other. I also liked the fact that I had full range of Sarah and Adams DVDs able to order pizza in and not get dressed. Happy to cat sit any time guys!

Eight. Being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Hard / tough day, but one I have come to live with, write about here on my blog.  Also on October 10th, I wrote on Instagram and Facebook about having a mental health disorder. It was the first time writing about this on either social platform.

Nine. A day with the Gruffalo. I went to Chessington with my Dad, his wife, sister, brother in law and nephews. We went mainly to ride The Gruffalo Ride which was a lot of fun. However I am looking forward to going again next year, especially as they’re both older and can do more rides. *Dad we are riding the rollercoasters*


Ten. A day out at Buckingham Palace. As part of my job I support the events team, both before, during the event and afterwards. It’s a big job, it does have some ups and downs. It was worth it being in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, seeing young people get their award and the final time the Duke of Edinburgh would do his rounds.

Image result for dofe buckingham palace

I have to mention what happened afterwards. One day in work I was given the task of making name badges for celebrities, two including Ross Kemp and Tom Fletcher. On the day I tweeted them both saying, the closest I got to meeting you….. I got a tweet of both of them! It may take time making these badges, but worth it, if you get tweets!



Eleven – Saying goodbye to Dean. Dean was my line manager for the first year working for the DofE. He’s moved on to work with sea people. His passion over helping young people is inspiring as he gives up nearly every weekend to Scouts. His laid back attitude, how he helped me through some tough times makes him memorable. Thanks Dean for all the support and help.

Twelve. Moving out, twice! This year before my 31st birthday I finally moved out of both my parents houses. I’d been living with my dad for 16 months, going from Toys R Us to DofE and it was finally time to move out. As my mum cottoned on I would be moving out of there. I had to finally clear out my room (most of the stuff I needed) and take all my stuff. It was a tough time moving in and out, getting used to Windsor and living on my own again. I’m so proud and pleased of myself for doing this, finally. Thank you to all those who have helped me along the way!

Thirteen. Legoland Windsor. I went to Legoland with Sarah and my nephews. I fully enjoyed the day out. However, the boys were still small to go on some of the rides and fully enjoy it. Another place I am excited to go back, when they’re older.

Fourteen. Saying Goodbye to Sookie. Sookie is my car, an eight year old war wounded Seat Ibiza. After been through many good times and crashes I finally sold her this year. The first month it felt like my freedom had be shut down. I knew I couldn’t hold onto her as it would cost too much to keep her going. I now understand the phrase you’ll always remember your first car.

Fifteen. Going to my first blogging event. I attended the Bloggers Festival at Conrad Hotel and had a blast. I met lots of other bloggers, companies I got a chance to work with others. Since there I have met more bloggers and signed up to more events in 2018.

Sixteen. Baking with Howard. I attended the Cake and Bake Show in London, where I was invited to take part in a mini masterclass with Howard from Great British Bake Off. It was a lot of fun…


Seventeen. My first Christmas in Windsor. This magical time of year has confirmed to me that moving out and moving to Windsor is the best decision I made this year. I love Windsor and I’m excited what the future holds. Being close to London for the lights and Winter Wonderland.

Looking back 2017 was a tough year, mentally, found myself unstable at times. But on the flipside it was a lot of fun, spending time with family and finding my feet. I found this pin the other day and it sums up how I want 2018 to be like…



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