Jamie Oliver: Humble Chicken Stew

It’s cold, it’s winter and you want something warm to eat. So you go on Pinterest looking for ideas and come across Humble Chicken Stew by Jamie Oliver. This recipe is from his Save with Jamie cookbook he brought out two years ago. I liked the fact that this time he was using up ingredients and being cost friendly.

When cooking it I found out that the warming stew, had dumplings and vegetables. The meat potion can be cooked ahead of time, with the dumplings and oven bit done when you’re ready to eat it, just leave 45mins to cook this fully.

Jamie’s recipe says to use leftover cooked chicken but I chose to go buy a chicken from a supermarket, as it had flavour, was cooked already. However any chicken meat can be used, as long as it can be stripped down into bits. However you don’t have the flavour of the carcus in the chicken stock, a good chicken stock substitute this.

Jamie suggests using celeriac instead of potato, which I added instead. I’m not a fan of white potato and nor would sweet potato be right in this dish. However if you struggle with white potato and white flour, celeriac makes a great substitute and helps with IBS.

You sweat of the vegetables, add the leftover chicken, flour and add the chicken stock. This make a delicious thick chicken stew gravy. The last potion is making the dumplings, from flour, grated butter and water together. You then add these on top of the stew mixture and cook in an oven for 30 minutes.

I served it with green beans, dished it up and took the remaining bit to work the next day.  I also served it with Hairy Biker’s Cornflake Crumble, which is a normal crumble but with cornflakes on top.



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