5 things we all do in January

Like at Christmas time when we buy the mince pies, we sing carols around the Christmas tree, watch lights turning on, movies to watch and visit a grey bearded guy. When it all ends and January comes we all do the same thing again and again.

We complain we ate too much food and drink and then miss it. I will admit that I have ate my weight in cheese. I do miss indulging in a cheese board. How good was Tesco cheese favourites this year? £4 and you got seven cheeses.


As we complain we start to think about how we want to loose weight. Whether this be a new fad diet, 30 day weight loss, join a diet group or gym or start being more active. Whatever it is, it’s all good. How long will it stick? I don’t know, but I’m liking my view on my walk today!


We start eating more healthy and back away from melting or breaded cheese, anything in pastry or in miniature form. It’s ridiculous that we go from eating pigs and blankets and blaming the fact It’s Christmas to buy healthy salmon.

However we all know that this style of eating gets reduced down in cost. It makes it more cost effective to do it. However I didn’t think I would pay £5 for some quinoa or chia seeds afterwards.


It’s not just food, it’s cookery books too. How they reduce down in price like the Body Coach books all three for £15.

This year I’ve seen more books encouraging to write things down. Be more mindful with books and read more. I recently visited my library and came across this book. I’m still reading it but it’s opening my eyes and getting me thinking.


We think about the future, making resolutions and planning what to do next. I was in work two hours and already booked out most of my holidays for that year! I think having the time off has encouraged me to take more time and step away from work. I cannot wait to see what I’ve planned… 

After Christmas is over and we’ve bought our gifts for friends and family. You walk into Boots and you buy a little something for yourself in their Christmas gifts!


The last thing we all do is buy a creme egg…


So there it is the five things we do each January. Are you the same?

One Comment on “5 things we all do in January

  1. Im also reading that book and wow its opening up my eyes too. I’m a few chapters in. Hope you’re not adverse to the F bomb ;p Sarah Elle


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