5 books to read at bedtime

Apparently we live in a world where parents don’t read to children at bed time. For me I find this hard, as bedtime story time is some of my favourite times I have spent with my nephews. I’ve already spoke about this on my review of Tom Fletcher’s There’s a monster in your book. I thought I would share some of mine and my nephews, books to read at bed time.

If you ask my parents or sister, what classic book was my favourite as a kid they would say The Big Alfie and Annie Rose Stories series by Shirley Hughes. My favourite is when Alfie was a pageboy and he follows his dad around dragging a sheet to practice walking down the aisle. I love the stories and short poems in this edition. My mum recently bought the boys Alfie’s Christmas.

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Where’s Spot by Eric Hills is a super classic book. Where’s spot is one of my favourites, as who would expect to have a lion under your stairs? Spot books have become a popular choice at bedtime with the boys.

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Jolly Postman by Janet & Allan Ahlberg  is another classic book, with pop outs to read as well. I like the Christmas one with all the different Christmas cards.

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One which Josh and Eoin introduced me to is The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo’s Child and The Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and Axel Schiffler. I love these ones, they’re so much fun to read. However Stick Man is my favourite of them all. I do like how they have been brought out on TV now and The Gruffalo is now a ride at Chessington World Theme Park. They are so popular with little ones, you can’t help but fall in love with them yourself.

When I was little we went to Disney in Florida, whilst shopping in Walmart for food, we looked in the book section. There they were…. The Bernstien Bears by Stan and Jane Bernstein. These are educational books, based around the adventures and lifestyle of Brother and Sister bear, like going to a new school, a bad dream, trouble at school.

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In the UK we have, Topsy and Tim by Jean and Gareth Adamson. Another I love and have read quite a bit to Josh and Eoin. A favourite both of ours is Learn to Swim, another one I like is when they go on the aeroplane and go in to hospital.

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Love Monster by Rachel Bright is one I bought when out shopping. Walking into Waterstones I spotted this book and a little stuffed toy. Read the book and immediately fell in love with it and so did the boys. Now they have Love Monster & the Perfect Present. 

The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Ponyter was the book Tom brought out with bandmate Dougie before There’s A Monster In Your Book.

These books are a few which Josh and Eoin have on their shelves to read at night. Ithink for me I have memories of reading before bed with my parents, so being able to do this with them is fab. I’m looking forward to them growing up and seeing what they read and keep introducing books which I liked and their mum too.

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