How to bring Disney into your sick days…

As I write this blog post I am currently watching a movie feeling very sorry for myself. You’ve guessed it, sore throat, fever, cough, feel naucious 24/7. As I sit and write this I realise how many things around me are Disney. I thought I would share my Disney theme sick day after my blog post How to bring Disney into your 9 to 5 life…

The first obvious one is a Disney movie, with so many to chose from including Picard too. You could want to be a superhero with The Incredible, an animal lover with 101 Dalmatians, practically perfect with Mary Poppins or a hopeless romantic like Ariel in Little Mermaid.

Disney movies transport you to another world. As I’ve seen them countless times, I don’t need to concentrate to follow the plot line. Perfect when your ill.


One of the key things to getting better is being comfortable. Thanks to Primark, Asda, Topshop and ASOS we can have cute pyjamas to wear when ill. I got these really cute Mrs Potts and Chip pyjamas for Christmas and I love them. Cosie and comfy.


Next you need a comfy blanket and my Mickey Mouse one from Disneyland Paris is the one I always go to. I love it, it’s soft comfy and brightens me up.


You need to keep your fluids up so a hot drink is needed and of course it has to be a Disney mug for hot drinks. I have my Disney gym bottle from Primark to keep hydrated with water.


Whenever I’m ill I try to do things which calm me, apart from watching movies. What works for me is distracting my brain from where I am currently. If it means making notes in my new Disney Cath Kidston notebook.


Another one I love doing is coloring in and adult coloring books are apart of my day to day. For Christmas I was given this new beautiful Beauty and the Beast one and I’m in love with it.


When you need a hug Mickey is always there…


So here’s how I bring Disney into my sick life. I may feel dreadful but the little Disney things makes it easier.

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