Tom’s Easy Wrap Pizza

Anyone else been watching Lose Weight For Good by Tom Kerridge on Wednesday night? or on BBC iPlayer.

I have loved Tom Kerridge for years since seeing him on Great British Menu, on Saturday Morning Kitchen or other shows he’s presented. I’ve got two of his cookbooks and his fish burger and pies are a family favourite.

If you’ve followed Tom for ages you will know he has gone through a huge transformation. He’s known to be on the Dopamine Diet. He’s now brought out a TV show to help us all to lose weight. When he brought out a healthy pizza… I had to try it.


Its simple and easy to do. Choose your wrap of choice (I used a spinach flavour from Tesco) and cook it for 5mins in the oven at 150°.


In the mean time chop up the veggies and what you would like on your pizza. I personally went for peppers, tomato, mushroom and sausages.


Once your wrap is cooked, I added tomato pure for a base, then the veggies and sausages and grated cheese on the top. Once you’ve added them put it back into the oven to cook for a further 10-15mins.


I love pizza but I always struggle with bases. So having this healthy version is the best. I personally love the spinach and beetroot wraps you can get. They are so delicious and make a great alternative to the traditional wrap.

I love this recipe so thank you Tom its a fab healthy pizza idea.

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