My Self Care 2018 Goals

Normally I set myself some new year resolutions but I’ve learnt that I don’t keep them. This year I’ve decided to introduce more self care into my year. I’ve been struggling in January with the blues. So instead of making resolutions which I will fail. I want to add in more things to help me smile. They might be things which you do or seem daft but if they help, I’m down with that.

One. Make my bed. I’m in my thirties and I know I should do this but I tend to forget. I read a blog recently and it said that even if you don’t achieve everything you want at least you achieved making your bed. Actually it’s working and I am remembering to do it.


Two. Drink more water. Another I know I need to do more of. At work I have go better but its when I get home I tend to forget to drink. It’s mainly down to the water in the flat tastes disgusting and I can’t drink it.


Three. Don’t waste Sundays. I have this habbit of sleeping in and not doing anthing exciting. Now I live in Windsor there is so much more to do and even nearby places to visit. Spend time cooking, sorting out your life for the following week.

Four. Exercise more. Go for a walk on my lunch break, afer work, go to a fitness class or just swim. I need to add this in more, it will help me feel good and help get fitter. It’s known that people with Fibromyalgia feel the benefit of exercise and it helps losen the bones.


Five. Plan something fun each month. I have a list of things I want to achieve and go see and do. I want to do this more, whether it be going to the West End, going to a musuem, going to a market or tick something off my bucket list. I know finances are tough but you’ll appreciate it.

Six. Turn off all my devices. I’ve decided that I need to have one night a week, where I am not on my phone or tablet watching somehting. I need to switch off. On this night, do things like colour, crafts, pamper night or dinner out with friends.


Seven. Read more. I recently picked up the Subtle art of not giving a f**k. By god it’s one of the best books, I’ve picked up. We’ve all seen the episode in Sex and the City, where Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte go into Barnes and Noble. Charlotte goes down the self help aisle, you see all these different women. This book isn’t like this one. It’s inspired me more to read more positive outloook boks.


Eight. Keep my nails painted. Another one I am wanting to try and stick with. As having them painted is helping them grow more. Plus they look pretty.

Nine. Keep up my skincare routine. Another simple one but one I tend to skip out of. I’m getting old and I need to look after my skin more.

Ten. Stop being hard on myself. Stop worrying about the little things which end up to beatig myself up. Except that I never will be the perfect blogger. It’s not about the numbers, but the joy of doing it. Away from blogging you’re trying to be the perfect version of yourself. Whether it be a daughter, sister, co-worker, friend or the hardest of all auntie. Rememeber the people who matter, understand this the most.

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