January Favourites


This was my first reaction this morning remembering that it’s the last day of January.

I don’t know about you but January has been a very long month, I am so happy it’s over. It’s 7 weeks until the clocks turn back 10 days until National Pizza Day and 8 days until the next Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

Food: This month its been about dieting and healthy foods. I’ve been researching, watching TV shows, talking to friends, watching vlogs and reading other blogs. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am more confused then at the start of this.

I’ve decided to control my carbs intake, as this affects my IBS. I have been following is a book I was gifted called Save Money Lose Weight. It does make sense to me, spending calories as if it was money. I still find it hard to grasp calories and what it is. I track it and don’t go over my limit. Best thing is pizza, tacos and processco I can still have them.


Mindfulness: I’ve recently read the book Subtlle art of not giving a f**k and found it very theraputic (Read here). I’ve been reading more self-care, self-belief books and motivation. I also got a new bullet journal and coloring books for Christmas.


Have you read my My Self Care 2018 Goals?

Disney: This month I was off for 4 days ill with flu. So I wrote a post about How to bring Disney into your sick days… However it did mean it gave me a chance to watch classics like the little mermaid, herbie and cool runnings.


Movie & Music: This month has all been about The Greatest Showman as it is one of the greatest movie I have seen and has the greatest soundtrack as well. I love the album, but I have my favourites, like Come Alive, This is Me and From Now On.


TV: This month has been about three favourites shows returning. The first is Celebrity Big Brother, who knew watching Anne Widacombe could be entertaining. The second is Dancing on Ice, Jake and Kam are my favourite. The third is The Hunted. There is something about Peter Berkley and his team I love watching and hope they catch the bad guy.

I’ve been loving Girlfriends, Trump and Morgan, First Dates Hotel and Peeky Blinders too.


So there it is my first favorites of 2018 and one very relieved Charlotte that it’s the end of January.

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