Yorky Pub Wrap

Based in the heart of York City centre lies The York Roast Pub Co. This small little restaurant draws a busy lunchtime crowd each day. It used to be all about the hog roast but recently its all about the Yorky Pud Wrap. At Christmas time, I had to go check it out.

This small restaurant is based a stones throw away from the famous Shambles and Whip-ma-whop-ma-gate. My mum who works in York warned me to get there early, she was right. The question going in was short but by the rime tee left just before 1pm it was long.


Once inside you see the counter with all the different meats, including pork, turkey, ham and beef. Mini trays with veg and condiments. The system is you order and pay and then a ticket is sent and you pick up at the other end.


I ordered the Christmas wrap which included turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and vegetables wrapped up in a Yorkshire pud. As it was Christmas I had to have a roast potato and pigs in blankets.


The wrap once opened was hot, kept its shape holding all the ingredients inside. I personally thought it would be hard to eat and be a soggy mess. It was quite the opposite and tasted amazing.


I think for me I like the gimic of this dish and the craze. Maybe if I was in York I would go buy it. I know how some people love a roast dinner. Personally I have to really crave one and prefer other dishes.


Yep the que was very long by the time we left.


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