Harry Potter Shopping in York

At the start of October I found out that a Harry Potter themed shop had opened in York. I visited the Kings Cross Platform 9 3/4 shop before coming home. I had an idea of what to expect.

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The Shambles in York is the inspiration of Diagon Alley in the movies. This is because of the buildings not being straight and the cobble streets. The Friday before Christmas I planned to go to York to go Christmas Shopping. As The Shambles is a must place attraction to visit in York, now there’s three Harry Potter Shops, I had to go down there shopping.

The first shop I went into is called The Shop That Must Not Be Named as this is the one I’ve heard the most about. It was the smallest of all three stores. I liked the fact that they had wooden bookshelves, letters flying and broomsticks, posters etc. It also had glass cabinets as well displaying the wands. I felt the shop was very crampt and had a lot in it in a very little space.

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The second store I walked into is called The Boy Wizard set up like A Shop That Must Not Be Named with the merchandise. This store felt brighter and different. It had a separate room with jumpers and wands. It felt a lot lighter, less cluttered inside the store.

The World of Wizardry is similar to the The Shop That Must Not Be Named with being smaller and in one room. I liked the decorations as they had a slight more emphasis on the books then the others.

I loved the stores and seeing the arrange of Harry Potter merchandise you can buy. You can get everything from clothing, to house merchandise and clothing, Funko Pops, posters, jewellery and my favourite wands. I already own two wands, one I bought for a Harry Potter them wedding I was involved in and I bought another when I visited the studio tour.

If I had the money I would honestly buy more like the books, the Funko Pops (I want the Mad Eye Moody for definite), the posters and the notebooks too. Maybe another day as I will definitely be back. I love shopping, but knowing you can shop in three different Harry Potter shops is brilliant.



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