Surviving your first Meet up

Six months ago last friday, I moved to Windsor and signed up to my first Meet Up that week, my life in Windsor is now fun one to live in.

If you’ve not heard of Meet Up don’t panic your not the only one. Whenever I mention this I’m always asked what is this? Let me tell you…

It’s a website, which allows anyone to create a group which meets up. It could be a foodf  sport, gaming, technical or outdoors? There is so many different ones, you can find the perfect one which matches you and your own interests. Be like me go for one which you’ve fancied or want to try.


What I love about Meet Up is that it’s not for people who are single, but those who are married, divorced, recently seperated, also for the young & old. It’s perfect for me, who is single, moved to  town I don’t really know anyone in, have no kids and wanting to meet new people.


So I waned to share some tips,  I have learn’t and found to be useful.  Hope writing this will help others out there, who might be scared about going to one.

One. Sign up to a group which your intereested in. If you’re not inerested in reading, going for a long  walk or cooking. Don’t join these groups as you won’t enjoy the activities. Join something you want to go to, it will help you get out the house. Don’t judge the group either, social ones aren’t just about having a drink but about the chats. Board game groups are not all geeks.

Two. Dress to impress. Like most things we do, if you look and feel good you will feel good. Think about where you are going and what you are doing. My first one was in a bar, which has a reputation of being quite smart. I put on a pair of jeans, a nice top and my new favourite Charlotte Tilsbury lipstick. Remember to feel relaxed and be comfortable.


Three. Ask where they are? Some meet ups will meet outside a venue, but if they are meeting somewhere more public. Ask them where they are. I’ve found the person who organises it, will post where they are sat, so download the app and check it before you leave.

Four. Say hello first. Take the first step and say hello first. It’s th only way you’ll meet someone.

Five. Prepare answers. Like a job interview you can imagine some of the questions you’ll be asked, so prepare them. This helps me and my anxiety before I went.

  • What do you do for a living?
  • Where do you live?
  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • What was the last movie / book / tv programmme you’ve seen?
  • Any family?
  • What made you join the group?

Remember preparation is key, so have some questions to ask too:

  • What makes you laugh? (This always gets a very odd response).
  • Favourite movie / book / tv programme.
  • Where’s someone where you have been and would want to go again?
  • What’s you favourite way to waste time?

Six. Have fun. Once you’ve said hello, answered a few questions about yourself, you soon find your feet and signing up to many more of them.

But remember to be safe, only meet those from the Meet Up group, like I do let someone know where you’re going and feel comfortable about it too. You’ll be fine, but just have a safety guard in place.



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