Bubblewrap Waffle, London

Now we all know that I love discovering new foods. Going to places to try the latest craze. So when it was suggested to go try a Bubblewrap Waffle, I had to go see for myself.

Bubble waffles originate in Hong Kong. Broken eggs that couldn’t be sold to customers were used to create a basic batter for the waffles, which was poured over a specialised machine to create a bubbling effect. The waffle was then topped with various sweet or savoury toppings to create a delicious treat.


Bubblewrap Waffle has come to Wardour Street in Chinatown permanently, creating waffles – both sweet and savoury – for everyone to enjoy.


Before I got there I had a chance to look at how to do this. Seen some suggestions they advised including an odd avocado and egg one.

Here’s an easy 3 step guide in making your very own creation!

  1. Choose your base – either original, cocoa or matcha – for £3.99.
  2. Choose your preferred ice cream or gelato from flavours like vanilla, strawberry cheesecake and salted caramel, for £2.00 each.
  3. Choose your toppings for 50p each, including fresh fruit, dried nuts, sauces and various other treats!


Lucky for me there was more flavours including pistachio. I chose red bean as I’ve never tried it before, pistachio and a salted caramel sauce.


The waffle itself tasted delicious with a a crisp texture for the waffle. This softens with the creamy ice cream and sauce to help. I would highly recommend their tips when eating.


It’s been open for nearly a year. Yet its still extremely popular with a que out its door. However it was worth the 10mins weight to get in and order. I think for £6.99, it’s value for money as you would pay that in a restaurant.


I fully recommend anyone to go try one.

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