Alternative Pancakes

A whilst ago I wrote a blog about how you can cook mac n cheese. As it’s Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day. I thought I would share some pancake recipes my family and I love. Three very different ways on how to cook pancakes.

Pancakes for me is breakfast on Christmas Day. Always with bacon and maple syrup and  always my Mam’s buttermilk pancakes . I love when she makes them as it reminds me of being on holiday in Florida and going to IHOP for pancakes. Since moving out I think this recipe is perfect to make, as they have more flavor and able to roll more then the traditional pancake.



When I lived with my dad we celebrated Shrove Tuesday by him cooking spelt pancakes. These pancakes were similar to regular pancakes being thin and able to roll them or in my case make smiley faces. I think if I was to make pancakes regularly then I would cook these more as their a healthy alternative option. Reading about them, they are easier to make into savory pancakes, for that alternative to a light meal.


Another one he’s tried to is Jamie Oliver’s Strawberry Buckwheat Pancakes. These were a heavier pancake and similar to the buttermilk pancakes you can make. A heavier scotch pancake with fruit in the middle. Personally I wasn’t impressed them as the flavor of the banana came through and I’m not a fan of it. Out of all them this is my least favorite, but maybe with some adaption it could work?


After I’ve had others cook them for me I decided to try some for myself. The first one I’ve tried is sweet potato pancakes, I’ve seen this recipe in magazines, on blog posts and on Pinterest. They were really simple and easy to make. Proved to be a light, gluten free style pancake to have. Since realising that most healthy pancakes use bananas, I want to find a recipe which doesn’t use flour. These tasted amazing, however I would add more spice into them due to once cooked they didn’t have any. That’s my personal preference. I topped them with peanut butter, which I was advised to do! It was weird at first, but as it melts into the hot pancake it makes a difference.


So here’s three recipes which me and my family cook on Pancake day, or whenever (Sunday mornings!).

Hope you like the recipes, Happy Pancake Day!

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