Restaurant Review: Gerrards Corner, London

What do you do when it’s almost Chinese New Year, your in London and you want food? Head to Chinatown and go on the hunt for authentic Chinese food. As we wandered around, we decided we didn’t want any cantonese style but wanted somethig special. We found out that Gerrard’s Corner is the place to go.


On the corner of Gerrards Street (hence the name), it’s at the very end of Chinatown towards Soho. When walking in, the restaurant is small but was filled with both Chinese and tourists visiting. Its a family ran business, wih really helpful staff. On arrival your given a menu and a pnk slip of paper where you put dow what you want.

I’ve tried Dim Sum before but this was out of this world. Had so many variations, taste, flavour, meats or vegetarian ones to try. I’m a big foodie, but needed to be concious of how much we were spending, sort of like when you go to Yo Sushi!


The food was delicious and flavorsome, perfect to share with. I loved the cheung fung prawns and the char sui pork buns. As I like to try new foods, we spotted that a table near us had items which looked fun to try. When in a Chinese restaurant do as the locals do.


The first one was yam croquette. I’ve had yams before when living in the US but these had a nest shaped style and soft inside. I wouldn’t rush back to try them but they were delicious.


The second was called a Liu Sha Bao which is a salted egg custard cream bun. This was very gooey with a delicious salted taste. Out of all of them I tried I think this one was my favorite.

I think for me I would actually go back here, as there is so much more I would love to try. I love the idea of being able to go back and have a different meal each time.

After going to Gerrards Corner, I decided to walk around London’s Chinatown and head to Chinatown Bakery afterwards. As it was recommended to go try a Taiyaki fish. These are custard filled shaped fish.


I love Chinatown and love how they have this world of delcious dishes to try. I’m really excited to go back and try more. Living close to London I want to go try other cuisies.

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