Harry Potter Haul from Primark

I recently went to York and went shopping in three of their Harry Potter shops. Filled with Harry Potter memorabilia like bags, books, plushes and ornaments (read here). Despite wanting to buy the shop and come out with it all. My bank account restricted me. Tho I did come out with a chocolate frog. (It was Christmas!)


Primark have really upped their game and their merchandise is great. They have everything from clothing, accessories, makeup, shoes and homeware. I thought I would share what I’ve bought recently as I am loving them all.


I bought the socks as you cannot have enough motif socks. I love socks.  They’re really comfy and jazz up my cold feet in winter. This is going to sound weird, but if I have my slytherin socks on, I do feel bad.


The next item I picked up is a card wallet. I’m going into London more I needed a new one, so it’s perfect. I used this recently and the train driver was impressed with it.


When out in meetings I thought why not have a wand pen. However my wand pen hasn’t hit a meeting in work yet, has now become my diary pen. I do love it as I feel special, feel like I am in Hogwarts school lesson.


Similar to the pen, these wand make up brushes make up brushes were a gift. I love them a lot but I am going to be one of those annoying people who will have them on display.


I spotted these and thought they would look perfect in my room addding a little Hogwarts. I saw them a lot on Instagram, however I am not too impressed with them. I think for £3 they are good value, but I haven’t kept them.


The last item I picked up was my latest purchase, as I saw Cherry Wallis talk about them. I’ve become a fan of candles, lately but like her I wouldn’t burn it due to it looks too pretty. You can purchase all the houses but as I am Ravenclaw and I didn’t like the scent I opted for Hogwarts one.

Here’s a random selection from Primark and what I have picked up. I know it’s not the biggest haul. I am one of these who likes to have accents of things I love. I think these are a perefect balance. Primak has really got it right, I think they need to get there pricing right on some of the items. They defintiley need to do more Hogwart houses instead of just Gryffindor or Slytherin. I would love the bedding, but polyester bedding I am not a fan of.

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