Thai Yellow Veggie Curry

As it is Meatless Monday, I thought I would share a favorite, Thai Yellow Curry. I have tried many different Thai curry recipes and various kits, like Thai Centre, Thai Kitchen Blue Dragon and Street Kitchen curries. The Street Kitchen is one which had the most flavor, was popular when I lived with my Dad. For me I prefer a curry which doesn’t involve having rice and doesn’t have a watery consistency. As these kits are £3.50 each time, I was looking for an alternative.

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I found Tesco Yellow Thai Curry Paste, find this the best thing to use when cooking curry for one. As it’s up to you how much you put in and you can make up to four curries in one sauce jar. It’s made with ginger, lemongrass and chili. I mix it with coconut cream and water to get the right consistency. One of my favorite, mid week meals is an easy vegetarian curry.  Let’s face it we should try and do a meatless meal each week. I find living on my own, curry is the best way to use up the leftover veggies.

I started blanching some new potatoes, as I prefer them really soft in curries. I blanched off some broccoli too as I wanted this soft when cooking in the curry sauce. I know you could fry this off, but it’s not for me, but you can chose which way.

Whilst the broccoli was cooking, I fried off the onions as I wanted them to become translucence, added garlic and the aubergines. I love aubergine curry, it’s one of my favorites ingredients. You can add other veggies, but this is what I had in the house. I added the potatoes and broccoli.


As I was using a Thai Yellow Curry paste, I decided to add this to the vegetables to coat the food, before adding the liquid. At this point you can decide on how hot you want it. I put about 1 and half tablespoons, that’s perfect for me.


I added coconut milk, let that come to a simmer. I then added runner beans and peas to the mixture and added hot water, let it slow down and simmer until you get your perfect consistency.


Once you have it to the right consistency, serve up with naan bread, rice, poppadoms and any Indian favorites on the side. This curry is perfect for me and allows me to be meatless, use up veggies, have a delicious meal and cost effective for one.

I like the Thai kits you can buy, the ready meals you can pick up in the supermarket, but for me there’s nothing better then cooking from scratch!


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