She mean’s so much to me

Today the new teaser trailer for Mary Poppins Returns came out. Learning about this movie, I have very mixed feelings about it. First innitial thought was What does Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke think of  the movie? What would P.L.Travers think? Have they kept to Walt Disney vision which he had the first one. 

Once I heard that Jule Andrews was fine and Dick Van Dyke is making a cameo role in the new one. I felt a lot happier, when I read the Entertainment Weekly article and saw pictures of Cherry Tree Lane. Like many Disney films the location of where is set is a big part of the movie. I love Cherry Tree Lane, the name of the street, the park and the boat hanging of the house. Seeing Cherry Tree Lane in this article and now in the trailer it looks to be exactly the same, but with 21st century filming.


Emily Blunt has never shine for me in a movie. She was the bitch in the Devils Wear Prada, even though my favorite James Corden was in it I didn’t enjoy Into the Woods.  For her to take on this role, is an interesting one. I think she’s made a name for herself so far but this could make or break her.

Another one I was surprised to hear was Meryl Streep playing a woman in a topsy turvy house. I’m intrigued to see Julie Walters and Colin Firth but hope they don’t sing. You just have to watch Mama Mia to agree.


At first I was skeptical, but now I am reading more and seen the new trailer. I feel like this could be one of the best movies of 2018. Yes I will be a harsh critic about this fillm, but it’s because Mary Poppins means so much more to me than an average person.



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