A private tour of Queen Mary’s Dolls House

I was really privileged to go for a private tour of the Queen Mary’s Doll House situated in Windsor Castle. These tours are not always open to the general public so been invited I was very lucky.

The Queen Mary’s Doll House was a gift to Queen Mary is is the doll house which Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Princess Margaret played with. Completed in 1924 with the added on extension it’s a 1:12 scale mimic of a royal house or a stately home. However what homes has a state room, Kings bedroom, a saloon, their own crown Jewels, exquisite artwork a mechanical lift, working lights and its own servers quarter.


What I liked and found the most interesting during my tour was that it has running water in the sinks and bathroom and kitchen. Each book is real. Food and washing equipment is real down to the mini soap in the bathroom. Each bottle of wine or champagne has that inside is replenished frequently. The cars have a motor in it and all the toys in the nursery or the kitchen equipment all work too. In the library it has its own works of Shakespeare, the bible and Quan.

I never had a dolls house growing up and I think I did it would be a miniature Cherry Tree Lane. This dolls house is exquisite to the very last detail. I found it fascinating learning about this in such a grand occasion of Windsor Castle.


I would fully recommend the Queen Mary’s Doll House when visiting Windsor Castle. Worth it just to see if you can spot the cat…

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