March Favourites

I think March 2018, is one which I will remember as I went to Derbyshire with my nephews (& family) and to Manchester to see a musical and so snow on Saint David’s Day. The one thing which I didn’t like this month is seeing homelessness in Windsor sleeping on the streets during that time. You see it a lot living in this town, it’s sometimes scary and hard to deal with. For me I have found this particular time harder.

Food. This month I have ate a lot of Sushi. I have been to two different restaurants and had some to taste that a guide, made for her cooks badge. I have done the course on becoming a sushi master, loved it. Bought the kit, but have rarely used it. Since my guide taught me and sent their recipe I am intrigued to give it ago. Also my Sister introduced me to Sushi Mania – this was my favourite sushi ever!

Another one I wanted to mention, was discovering that Micro Chips are still around and still taste amazing. I was watching Food Unwrapped and had to go find some. Living in Windsor, you don’t have Sainsburys or Tesco to hand. So the Co-Op had some in for £2.45 (!!) but they are perfect, especially after a night out with some bread to make a buttie.
Image result for mccain microchips buttie

Mindfulness. I attended the Ideal Home Show, whilst I was there I bumped into Callum Best. He was promoting his journal, BestMe Life Journal. In this he wrote down his goals, he kept working on it and it came true. He’s now produced the same journal and is sharing his journey with all around him. When at the show and talking to him I was offered the chance to take one home for myself which I grabbed. I have been keeping a record of ever since.

 Calum Best - founder of BestMe Life

This month I have also been watching lots of The Comparisson Coach videos on YouTube. I also follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Her videos have been really speaking to me and been helping.

Shopping. I went to Manchester this month and went to their huge Primark. Whilst there I bought some new Disney products. The first thing I was after was a Mickey and Minnie backpack. I’m doing some more Guiding events this summer, as a Guider you always have extra stuff you need to pack.

I also picked up this amazing new yellow waterproof coat for £13!!! I have been wanting the one from Jules for months. However I cannot justify the cost of £90 for it. This one is a complete bargain and I have fallen in love with it.

Music: I click on Spotify a lot during the day, especially at work and when travelling. I have such a varied style of music taste. The song I have been constantly playing is the new Paloma Faith – Make Your Own Kind of Music. Now at first, I knew the song from the Skoda car outfit. I found out through listening to Heart, it was Paloma Faith (see tweet below). I love this song and it’s such an upbeat song!

TV: First thing I want to mention I’ve been watching is Saturday Night Takeaway. I don’t care what people say I am still going to be a Ant fan. OMG didn’t Dec do him proud! I’m so pleased Dec is going to be hosting Britain’s Got Talent. The main thing which I loved this month was Schofe coming out and singing Any Dream Will Do from Joseph. I love Schofe and think he’s amazing, but seeing him sing and then to learn that he maybe bringing out an album!!

Another thing I have loved this month was the Seven Year Switch on Channel 4. Such a radical experiment, however perfect to watch and don’t have to pay too much attention.

So that’s my March Favourites. March has rushed by so much and I have had a blast. See you next month for April. Let’s hope the weather picks up and the Snow goes!


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