Another 10 facts about myself

This month I have decided to blog everyday and take part in Blurt Foundation 30 day #BlurtSelfCareathon where I am to write a post every day. Blurt Foundation are a social enterprise who support people with depression. They send out boxes called the Buddy Box which sends little things to a person to cheer them up. On 1st April they posted this 30 day challenge. As someone suffering with depression I’ve decided to take part. Here it goes…

Day One: 10 facts about myself. I’ve already done one of these before (read here) so here’s another ten.

One. I am obsessed watching Disney vlogs.

As each vlog is different and they experience the attractions, firework shows, parades, character meet and greet, restaurant each time.

Two. I know Sex and the City series and movies off by heart.

I did the tour in New York and got every question and quote word-for-word right.

Three.  I would marry a stranger.

I applied for the TV series and was unsuccessful and I would apply for it again. I love the logic and science behind it. It makes more sense to me then the traditional way you would do it.

Four. I’ve lived on Sushi for the past 24 hours.

I love this cuisine but I love Mexican more.

Five. Writing Beating the 10% blog has been my hardest… yet!

I really struggled writing that blog but pleased I did in the end and posted it.

Six. Starting therapy is hard.

I am proud of myself for taking the next step and starting this process….

Seven. I live with boys.

I have two boy housemates and it’s a first for me…

Eight. My mum, best mate and a friend are the only ones who have been to my flat.

I thought I would have invited more, but it’s not been the case and I actually like it that way.

Nine. I will always check out someone’s bum first.

Wrong I know, but I like a good bum…

Ten. I love with my whole heart and always have.

It’s just who I am.

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