I could honestly write a list of different obstacles I have to face each day just to be able to function.

I have been told that obstacles are challenges we need to over come and sometimes we overcome them each day but every morning we wake up we face it all over again. That’s life and we need to accept this.

For me it’s overcoming how I perceive myself. How I face something, is it head on or not? Overcoming a relationship with people and learning how to deal with it and how they deal with it. Challenging from one day to the next and surviving, whether it be getting somewhere, doing something or able to achieve it.

I think having repetitive obstacles is good because in my head, I can say to myself I did it yesterday so why not today? I do want to challenge myself and find a way on how to overcome achievement I wish to set out. Is it having someone by my side each time or is it having myself by my side each time? Am I enough to overcome these obstacles?

The biggest obstacle I need to overcome is the one’s I put in front of me…



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