I don’t often have a boost in life or something which gives me the get up and go. However recently I was in a very long meeting and had to speak about my achievements. I prefer to show off other people and their accomplishments then look at mine. It did manage to give me that boost I needed.

I had to talk about my role and what I’ve achieved.  As 98% of my days I feel like an octopus that is unrecognisable this did push me out of my comfort zone. It was able to show me and others around me of the stats and things I have achieved in the past year. One big one is organising the print for 80,000 magazines and ordering 502 sandwiches. Both on a different scale, both take different amount of hours to achieve. Both equally important, even if it is something little.

I think for me, I need to have to write down accomplishments down of things I’ve achieved. Remember that what I do actually counts and it will help me move on and set future goals of what I want. I know deep down that 100% of those 98% days I do feel like an octopus but I’m actually doing something that helps build the bigger picture.

Someone recently said to me that without the corners of a jigsaw, a jigsaw wouldn’t be completed. So here I am one corner of a jigsaw.

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