This post about snuggle has come at the best time. The word snuggle means to settle or move into a warm comfy position. If you follow me on Instagram and my stories you will know that I have recently come back from spending a weekend away with my two nephews (also my sis, her hubby and our mam) in Derbyshire. Now it sounds strange but the thing which give me the most joy is having hugs of my nephews and snuggles with them.

This may sound very simple but having them both next to me (or on my lap) and watching TV (probably Hey Duggee) or a movie (probably the Jungle Book) is what I like the best. I’ve said in a past blogs that storytime before bedtime when I go to see them is one which I enjoy a lot. We stop what we’ve done for the day and we settle down and read stories and snuggle up.

I always get told by either my mam and dad, work colleagues with kids or friends with kids that the best memories you have are the free ones. I think for me snuggling up and watching a movie you’ve seen thousands of times or cartoon about a dancing stick is one I hope the boys treasure the most. It doesn’t cost much, it’s not exciting but one where we can snuggle up and relax.


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