Outside in Windsor

I am lucky to say that Windsor is where I live. It maybe expensive. It may have no pound shops, Primark, cinema or Mexican restaurant. It does have a beautiful castle, a river to walk down, a huge park, lots of posh shops and restaurants to dine out in and a theatre. Is soon to be the host of two upcoming Royal Weddings and draws in a huge crowd of tourists into this small town. Has some cool places to spend time outside.

As I am posting this I am probably out and about walking around Windsor on my lunch break, I thought I would show you some of my favourite outside areas of Windsor. I suffer with SAD so it’s important that I get out at lunch time to go for a wander. The fresh air lets me clear my head and have a break from the screen.

The Long Walk. 7 miles from the castle to the copper horse at the top. Always busy, lots of dogs a perfect stroll on a lunch time.


Two. The Castle. Perfect place to have a wander around in the nice sunny weather taking in spectacular views from the top over Eton. It’s also nice to do when the Queen is in residence.


The Riverside. Walking along the river passed the leisure centre, the replica of the plane, towards Sir Christopher Wren Hotel and then onto Datchet is a favourite Sunday walk of mine. I particular like the bridge spot, from Windsor to Eton.

Five. The band stand. This area reminds me of back home at Saltburn and going to listen to a brass band play. I’ve not seen it be used, but the park becomes very fully on a sunny day with balls flying, kids screaming and tourists getting off coaches. However, catch it on a nice peaceful day you can people watch, read a book, listen to a mindfulness podcast and not be distrubed!

Image result for bandstand windsor

Five. Jubilee Fountain. Situated in the park opposite the band stand, another place to people watch.

Image result for windsor fountain

I’m really lucky to call Windsor my home. I’m so looking forward to spending time outside more as the longer nights, sunny weather and more fun activities start to occur.

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