Learn – What is BPD?

The key to success is to never stop learning. The key to failure is to think you know it all.”

Learning is key to anything, the more knowledge we know about a subject the better prepared we are. So you don’t know what BPD is? Well me neither this time last year, but through research, watching YouTube videos I have found a community on what this is. I thought I would share these to help you learn what BPD is.

What is BPD?

This time last year I was taught, people with BPD have intense emotions which they struggle to deal with, an unstable sense of self and unstable relationships with other people. More people suffer with BPD then schizophrenia or Bipolar. Kati Morton is a therapist with her own channel and describes conditions very formative and descriptive so you can understand.

What is it like living with BPD?

Claudia Boelyn is a songwriter from Kent, but why she is my top person I turn to is because she like me has BPD. She lives her life and is very honest about living with this condition. I’ve watched her videos and have passed the below video onto others close to me to watch. I find this video really helpful and now and again I watch it to make me feel normal again.


What triggers should you look out for?

If your reading this for someone close to you who has BPD then I should ask you to watch this video. As it may help you to recognise symptoms before they have an episode.

Here’s three videos which are all about BPD which may help you to learn about this condition. I hope to anyone watching these videos they take away something and learn something new.


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