Laughter is Timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.

Walt Disney

If anything I have learnt then laughter is key. If you can’t laugh about something or find the bright side of life, then it will just get you down. However it’s not always possible. To me I have found a secret, that’s by putting on a stand up comedy on Netflix, they help me laugh instantly.

My favourite stand up comedian is Jack Whitehall, I’ve seen him in concert. I saw the Gets Around tour in Newcastle upon Tyne. I remember I went with someone who was sceptic and thought he’d be immature, but they came out with the complete opposite idea.

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I think two things I love the most about his comedy routines, he brings an adult look on childlike style and his relationship with family and dad. He is now known from his talk show back chat and the hit series Travel with my father. This wouldn’t work normally, however as Jack Whitehall is Micheal Whitehall is a talent agent. He’s led a very colourful life. His anecdotes make you roll around in stitches. Deep down you know they have a very loving relationship.

Apart from watching the Gets Around tour I also love his At Large show he did exclusively for Netflix. For me it’s the best comedy show I’ve seen for a long time. If you’ve not seen it I won’t give any spoilers away, as you need to go watch it. I am going to say this the Google Maps van story is the funniest! One I do like to watch on repeat.

I think we have some fabulous British comedians from legends like Victoria Wood, Peter Kay and Sarah Milican and the one’s you can’t help but laugh at (or with) Michael McIntyre, Jimmy Carr and Ricky Gervais. I think Jack Whitehall has it right. He’s a known actor from Fresh Meat and Bad Education and a panellist on A League of their Own. He has found a comedy partner right at home, with his dad.

Jack Whitehall is hilariously funny and someone I would like to say thank you to, as when feeling low (I mean low) he pulls me out and makes me see the funny side of life. From a Google Map van, to his movie debut in Frozen and being in the same class as the guy from Twilight and wanting to Save the King.

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