It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos.

Doodles help me do this, it’s meaning is to scribble absent-mindedly. For me I like doodling, as it gives me a time to think. As part of my mindfulness I try to colour in as much as I can as it takes me away from screens, laptops and gadgets. The repetitive motion of colouring is very soothing and makes me feel sleepy. Colouring requires concentration to be able to stay in the lines and pick colours that go well together. This helps slow down my anxious thoughts and replace them with what colour I might use next and how I feel about how the page is coming together. It takes away the anxiety I feel inside, whenever I feel like it gets on top, I colour. Even at work, yep, even there by the apps on my phone. Doodles is one of these things I do as it keeps me calm.

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