A part of kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve. Joseph Joubert. 

There is no small act of kindness. There is things we can do which could make a difference to someone. Here’s some suggestions.

  1. Leave an annymous thank you note for someone.
  2. Pay for someone’s lunch unexpectedly – friend or foe or stranger, it’s up to you.
  3. Write a post-it note and leave it in a public place.
  4. Leave a book for someone else to pick it up and enjoy it.
  5. Buy someone flowers to help cheer there up there day
  6. Send a card to someone overseas in the military
  7. Donate items to charity – clothes or blankets to animal charities
  8. Help someone before they ask.
  9. Bake treats and deliver them to fire / police stations in your local area.
  10. Say please and thank you – they don’t cost much.
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