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Hello I’m Charlotte, Welcome to my Blog. 

It all started one night babysitting my nephew watching Bridget Jones’s Diary. She said she was going to take control of her life and start a diary. So here I am, finally taking control of my life and sharing it with you. Here it is the things you need to know about who I am!

My name is Charlotte. I was born in North-East, but have lived in Teesside, Chester, Florida and now living in Windsor. 

I have degrees in education, marketing, events, business and hospitality. I’ve been a chef, an Elf, a college lecturer, worked for Mickey Mouse, Geoffrey the Giraffe and now for the Duke of Edinburgh. 

From being little, I’ve loved food. From tasting new dishes, cooking dishes, going to food festivals, watching TV shows, reading chef biography, cookbooks and keeping up with the latest trends. I love to travel, all things Disney, shopping, watching rugby, movies, bad reality TV and going to the theatre. 

In 2010, whilst attending the Good Food Show, a sign fell on my head. I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and where my mental health story began. I now got diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality disorder and battling every day with mental health issues.

I’m not afraid of a challenge, I strive to be the best I can be with the abilities I have. I don’t want my mental health disorder to affect me and my goals. Follow my blog, I promise to tell you the whole truth, but quite honestly I am hear to write out about living with mental health. 

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