Stackers: Grey Cone

New to this blogging world, I went to my first blogging event in London. I got talking to a company called Stackers, the lady was lovely, she was enthusiastic about the company. Stackers make unique storage in arrange of shapes and sizes. Since coming home and looking at their website, thinking it was just for jewelry, but they do products for makeup and technology too. All the colors they use is neutral tones with lots of nudes, blushes, greys and white marble which are all colors I love. I was kindly gifted a Grey… Read More

Beauty Products I am loving currently…

It’s summer time so beauty products are a must have, we add to our collection especially this time of year. Well I do, as I seem to use more / want to use more of them. I seem to swap more of my products over too. I prefer fresher smells during the summer like citrus then candy apple or vanilla smell. Instead of having the heavy body butter during the winter I prefer a lighter body lotion. The first thing this summer I am loving still is my SJP NYC PerfumeSJP NYC Perfume. I… Read More

What’s in my…..Shower!

A whilst ago I did an updated version of What’s in my handbag. After writing this blog I made a list of others I could share with you. So here’s the second one, what’s in my shower? When I was little I hated showers and was a bath person. As I got older got used to them got used to the water hitting my skin. The temperature could be warmer than freezing cold. I became a fan of them. Today I love nothing more than a shower and indulging in products to make… Read More

What’s in my…. bag! 2016 version!

I’ve been looking for a new handbag for work. I wanted a bag to use day in day out and not have to worry about forgetting something. I am seriously the girl who forgets everything, passes, deodorants, tampons etc. I found this new one from TU at Sainsburys. A light grey color, a huge middle compartment with a zip and two side pockets which are brill when out and about shopping. On one side there is a patterned side which looks like leaves. It comes with a feather style accessories which I’m not a… Read More

Dear body I love you because…

  Dear body I love you because….. The thing I love most about you is your curves. I love how you shape-shift from one day to the next. It reminds me that I’m not just one shape, I shouldn’t stick to one style and I can wear what I want. I love how my lady lumps can make me feel sexy and perfect one morning and sluggish and ugly the next. This reminds me not everyone and everything is perfect in life and you shouldn’t attach onto one thing. This ride has… Read More

Three things you are proud of about your personality

Throughout my life I’ve always been told that I have a bubbly personality. Someone who is likable and someone who can be there to talk to. I’ve been told that I’m spontaneous, the life of a party. I’m not going to lie. I can also be moody, forgettable and I think too fast. However I think that’s the quirkyness about me and one of the things I love about me. So here it is three things I love about being me… One. I think too fast. I’ve always been the same since… Read More

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