Nigella’s Chicken Traybake

Have you been watching Nigella Lawson new TV series on BBC 1 called At The Table? I have and I've been loving it.  I've been wanting to try a few of her new recipes. I thought I would start with her quick and easy chicken tray bake. Now I know a lot of people have issues... Continue Reading →

Baking with a Legend

Baking with a legend is inspired by the participants from Great British Bake Off and Masterchef. It was launched to give everyone a chance to participate in a master class cookery with one of these legends. Josh the founder launched the business as Great British Bake Off inspired him to pick up a spoon and... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Carving

I've always loved pumpkin carving. I've done it many of times with brownies and even hosted a pumpkin carving party at university. I love carving the head and getting the pulp out. The messs, the seeds and the smell. Then once thats all done its about deciding on your design. However it isn't as simple... Continue Reading →

Recipe Review: Purple Prickle Pancakes

My two little nephews, absolutely love the book The Gruffalo. Last year we went to Chessington World of Adventure to go ride The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure (read here). Me and the boys have watched and read the book countless times and have made a big jigsaw puzzle with him on it. Like all big fans... Continue Reading →

Foodie: Going veggie at lunchtime

You've heard the advice to have at least one vegetarian meal a week. Even Jamie Oliver's Meat Free Monday. For me I love veggie food.. I often choose that option when eating out at lunchtime. In Windsor you are spoilt for choice on options and it makes it extra easy for this to happen. I... Continue Reading →

I love Quesadillas

I love love love Mexican food! In my eyes you can't go wrong, burritos, fajitas, churros, chilli chocolate mousse, Mexican corn salad, chilli, tacos, enchiladas, I love them all. Taking lunch in each day, can get predictable. Working in my last place, I found out a man took the same lunch everyday for 25 years.... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Jungs, Windsor

Working in Windsor, you are spoil for choice over where you can go for lunch. Jungs is German and Swiss influence offering a wide variety of bread and bakery products. It has a bright orange front. Walking in there is a long counter selling bakery products and take out sandwiches to the right. As you... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Review: Wagamama

I've been to Wagamama lots when working in Windsor. It's around the corner from my work so great for speedy, slurpy lunch breaks, and in a city where space really is a premium, it's one of the few places you can guarantee to be seated if you are with a group with no reservation. I've always... Continue Reading →

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