Restaurant Review: Gerrards Corner, London

What do you do when it’s almost Chinese New Year, your in London and you want food? Head to Chinatown and go on the hunt for authentic Chinese food. As we wandered around, we decided we didn’t want any Cantonese style but wanted something special. We found out that Gerrard’s Corner is the place to go.

Foodie: Going veggie at lunchtime

You’ve heard the advice to have at least one vegetarian meal a week. Even Jamie Oliver’s Meat Free Monday. For me I love veggie food.. I often choose that option when eating out at lunchtime. In Windsor you are spoilt for choice on options and it makes it extra easy for this to happen. I would love to encourage you, to try and choose a vegetarian meals. I know some say that it doesn’t fill you up. For me it does and I feel less bloated. I’m not going to lie, if… Read More

Restaurant Review: Jungs, Windsor

Working in Windsor, you are spoil for choice over where you can go for lunch. Jungs is German and Swiss influence offering a wide variety of bread and bakery products. It has a bright orange front. Walking in there is a long counter selling bakery products and take out sandwiches to the right. As you walk further in you see the restaurant tables towards the back. A wide selection of cuckoo clocks on the wall and chime on the hour. The menu they offer has a large selection of foods to choose… Read More

Restaurant Review: Wagamama

I’ve been to Wagamama lots when working in Windsor. It’s around the corner from my work so great for speedy, slurpy lunch breaks, and in a city where space really is a premium, it’s one of the few places you can guarantee to be seated if you are with a group with no reservation. I’ve always found their entry-level inspired food really fresh, filling, relatively healthy (check the menu before you go as some items are really calorific) and good value. I thought I would share some of my favorite dishes I order on a… Read More

Restaurant Review: Tortilla Mexican, Guildford

It’s no secret on this blog that I love Mexican food. When out shopping again in Guildford, we came across a restaurant called Tortilla. We decided to stop there and have something to eat. Tortilla promises it is different. On its website, it claims to be the ‘home of the best tacos and burritos.’ It’s a big statement, and although I can’t be the one to say it is, what I can tell you is that it is an inexpensive and satisfying place to eat. Tortilla restaurant is set off the main… Read More

Restaurant Review: Bella Italia, Windsor

I went to Bella Italia, with six others for lunch to celebrate a very special lady 60th birthday. Bella Italia is one of her favorite restaurants to go to. It is located inside the Royal Arcade in Windsor, just off the main high street. It’s not a restaurant I have been to during my time working in Windsor. I was interested in going as I’ve not been in this chain since my university days. The restaurant is large with two seating areas covering 60 tables. The Italian restaurant offers a wide range of… Read More

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